Japanese Input and Dictionary

For Windows CE 3.0 - Pocket PC 2003.

My iPAQ 3630, with the ARM cpu and Pocket PC2002 has a problem with the screen and battery, so I had to get a new iPAQ 2210 with Xscale cpu and Pocket PC2003. These programs work on both of my iPAQ's, so I guess it should work on anything that emulates the ARM instruction set.

Since the dictionary files are getting very big, I decided to rewrite the search so that it never uses the dictionary index files. The search will work on Unicode UTF8 or UTF16 files as well as EUC files, but EUC files are the smallest. I also tried to improve the conjugated verb search.

Font-linking sometimes works, so that the contact list, calendar, notes and file names can be in Japanese. If the PocketPC is not English then some files will be installed in the wrong place and need to be moved.

Installation Summary:

  1. Un-install any old versions of these files.
  2. Install the MS Gothic font and font linking.
  3. Install the Japanese SIP.
  4. Install the dictionary program.
  5. Copy Edict and Enamdict.
  6. Do a soft reset.

Japanese Input

Mini Japanese Dictionary ver 2.1

Dictionary files

Get the latest dictionary files from the Monash web site. Get at least Edict and the optional Enamdict. These files are updated a few times a year.

Windows 2000 Dictionary ver 2.1

Connect 4 for Pocket PC

Mike Johnson

E-mail: mikejohnson @ dsl . pipex . com

9 Nov 2003